How To Order

1. Telephone
Call our sales Line and benefit from our competitive prices and promotions on 020 300 66 500. Sales people are available between 09:00 - 17:00, Monday - Friday. If you prefer, you can be added to our call sheets, in which case you will be called at a time and on a day that suits you, helping to maximise your productivity.

2. E-Mail
When ordering via Electronic Mail please state your name, account number, products, quantities and your desired day for delivery. Simply click on to start ordering. A member of our team will reply to your message confirming receipt of your order.

  3. Answer Phone
answer Phone service is available after 17:00 Monday to Friday. Orders left on the answer phone after 17:00 Monday to Friday will be entered for your next available delivery day, unless stated otherwise. Weekend answer phone services are also available. Orders may be left on the answer phone throughout the weekend until Sunday evening at 17:00. Any orders left after 17:00 will be entered for your next available delivery day, as usual.

Please Note:
Next day deliveries are not available through the answer phone service Monday to Friday, however orders left over the weekend can be delivered on Mondays depending on the delivery area and time of order. Cut off time : 17:00.

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